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1         How does your project relate to your program of study at Dawson?

Throughout my time at Dawson, I have discovered the difference between what I am obligated to do and what I am good at. What I have found in making this project is that whatever I am good at coincides with what I really enjoy. This project relates to my program because in the two years of being in Cinema & Communications, I always assumed I had to be good in video production. However I have found much more enjoyment in animation and design. This is to say that my project relates to my program because ultimately, my final product reflected what I have enjoyed most in Cinema & Communications and discovered some hidden talents through some of the courses taken in my program. Some classes that have directly influenced the creation of my project include Animation Production and Graphic Novels and Artist Books. These classes really helped me fully realize my end product and ultimately, I feel as though I fulfilled my goal of communicating one of my passions through an aspect explored in my program of study.


2         What were you hoping to communicate with this project?

In doing this project, I was hoping to illustrate two different passions of mine and show how they coincide in my life. Beginning this process, it felt like an obligation to complete it. However, as I slowly figured out, this project was honestly a project I enjoyed because I felt as though it reflected me, as a person. I was hoping to communicate a thorough and clear demonstration of the art of baking and the time it takes to create such masterpieces. Through the individual frames, I was hoping to communicate meticulousness and hard work, and I think I successfully reflected this through many of my pictures. Baking is hard work and it is definitely an art. I hope I could reflect that visually in the step-by-step process I provided in my graphic novel cook book.


3         Did the project, when completed, measure up to your personal standards of excellence? Give details.

In all honesty, I could say I was very surprised with the result. Admittedly, I had to rearrange my goals so they would be more realistic in the given time frame, and this really disappointed me. However, what really surprised me is how proud I was of the final project. It over exceeded my personal standards of excellence because I never thought I could create something so professional looking. While in my proposal I wanted to create a pop-up cookbook, while it would have been fun and complicated to create, I think creating a graphic novel was a much more realistic goal and in the end, a more effective way of getting my message across. I think a problem that I did not foresee in proposing a pop-up cookbook was that there would be no step-by-step process as demonstrated in my graphic novel style. And looking back on all the work I put into this project, it really made me realize that I am capable of being proud of my own work if I really love what I’m doing. In all honesty, this project completely opened a new outlook on how I want to go about things in the future. The final product, although not exactly created according to my proposal, turned out to be over my expectations due to the fact that the hard work I put in was more enjoyable and it was a project that was ultimately for myself and not for an academic grade in the end.


4         If you were given the opportunity to re-do this project, what would you change?

If I were given the opportunity to redo this project, I would definitely want to continue adding more recipes into the book. I think I really enjoyed the concept I had going on, and by this I mean that I really like how I placed everything on each page. The biggest thing I would want to have redone is the quality of the pictures. While I used a very high quality DSLR, the print job was poorly done for the quality of the actual picture taken, and I would like to get the pictures reprinted at a higher quality.


5      Do you rate the experience of participating in a student-driven project positively or not?  How would you rate your experience in this Integrating Activity course?

I think that the student-driven project idea was a fantastic one. It really let us be free to do what we wanted and as stated in previous questions, because of this liberty I got to do something that I really enjoyed instead of being constricted into specific guidelines and conclusively this led to the overall enjoyment of the entire project as a whole. I am so glad I got to participate in such an enthusiastic class and I can’t stress enough how important it was to have a non-constricting guideline of what had to be done in this class. In my case, if it had been an Integrating Activity course solely on video production, I would have not enjoyed making my project as much as I did with my graphic novel. I think student-driven projects ultimately push creativity levels and let young minds create whatever they dream to make, which I believe is essential to society as a whole as well. I would rate my experience 10/10 because in all honesty, the end product is something that opened my eyes to how creative my mind is and how I can break out of those limits that often try to conform you to the rest of the world.


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